Customer Experience (CX)

We help businesses marketers to retain existing customers, offer customers an experience that makes them choose a particular brand and acquire new customers. We also guide business teams on the customer centric items that need innovation and automation

Design Services

We conceptualize and create infographics, illustrations, annual reports, interactive experiences, motion graphics, multimedia, and more.

What we do

1. Ensuring customers are the heart of every organization through building experiences that drive customer retention and loyalty 2. Grow revenue, reduce costs and build competitive advantage by addressing people problems at different stages of their life 3. Develop strategies that engage customers at every micro moment 4. Design, develop, and deliver processes that deliver sustainable and measurable results for the marketing and innovation team.

"Probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while for a new customer its 5-20%"

Customer Experience (CX) Services


Deep Dive into employees and customers' experiences to identify the Moments of Truth. Define the values of the journeys.


Define the existing and ideal journeys and why they matter. Innovate the end to end journey experiences.


Turn feedback into actionable insights. Implement the action plan. Ocular will lead the respective departments through the process


Optimize operational processes and items to be innovated on to ensure constant beautiful customer experiences.

"Existing customers are willing to spend 30% more compared to new customers "

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